4th of July Schedule

See everyone bright and early we would like to try and start right at 8am if not before if you are in open please try to arrive between 7:30AM and 8AM.

7:45AM     OPEN

8:45AM     BOYS U18

9:15AM     BOYS U16

9:45AM     BOYS U14



10:50AM   MENEHUNE U12








1:55PM     GIRLS U16 FINAL

2:15PM     BOYS U14 FINAL

2:35PM     BOYS U16 FINAL

2:55PM     BOYS U18 FINAL


4th of July *Updated*

Come down to the St. Augustine Beach Pier Monday for the 50th Annual Sun n’ Surf 4th of July Contest in Loving Memory of Bill Murray. This contest was started by the Bernstein family when they owned the Sun n’ Surf Shop many years ago. ESA SAFL took over hosting of the event. This is a family fun filled day of surf, laughter, waves and sun, please join us in our festivities. If any businesses would like to donate prizes or goodies to be handed out to the contestants the day of the event we would greatly appreciate anything you can offer. We are a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization that operates solely on donations from our sponsors as well as the entry fees for the contests and all work is done by volunteers to make our organization a well oiled machine. We look forward to seeing you all at the beach. Visit our website http://safl.surfesa.org if you would like to become a member and surf the contests register online at http://safl.surfsignup.com the cutoff for entry is July 3rd at 5:00pm register before it is to late. A big thank you goes out to all of our sponsors without them running our contests wouldn’t be possible: Aqua East, The Bailey Group, Bert Tavary, D.D.S., Brightway Insurance The Casey Agency, Christian Surfers, The Girl Next Door, Island Builders, Mojo’s Tacos, Olde Carriage Realty, Pam Hill, Pit Surf Shop, Salt Life Food Shack, Set In Stone Marble & Granite, Sunset Grille & Surf Station. Any businesses that would like to donate goodies/prizes for the competitors would be greatly appreciated.


CPR/Ocean Rescue Course

ESA-SAFL is excited to announce our first CPR certification course along with an ocean rescue course to the first 20 members who sign up or message myself or Shantel. The course will be held at 5:00p.m. June 20th, 2016( Monday ). The location for the course will be held at St. Augustine Beach Pier Cultural center. Cost is $20.00 per person. ( ESA Members Only ) Checks made payable to First Coast Lifesavers. Please make sure to be at the center no later than 4:45p.m. June 20th. This upcoming Monday. Email us at: safl@surfesa.org to sign-up.

#2 In the Books

June 11, 2016 Contest #2

ESA-SAFL Contest #2 for the 2016 season went down this past Saturday at Mary Street Beach Ramp. The competitors rose to the occasion once more and showcased their skills in small but contestable conditions. At first light the waves were looking the same they had looked all week but a bump in the swell period and you just knew the high tide push would deliver and deliver it did. After watching two East Coast Prime events earlier in the year and the conditions that the competitors had to deal with, it was a no brainer to hold the second event of the season. You just needed to pick the correct equipment.

Small typical Florida summer surf. The beach was packed and a fun day was had by all. Some great surfing was going down throughout the day too. Standout performances by Evan Tyson, Joel Luteran, Kai DeLorenzo, Brayden Bryant, Casey Piester, Shawn Arthur Sr., Bubba Tyson, Denny Dean, Olivia Beaven, and Matt Martin (who by the way drove from Pensacola) to score his best finish to date in the Junior Longboard U18 placing 2nd, Congrats Matt!

Once again thank you to all our volunteers this past contest. Bronwyn Bryant, Will Pierce, Clay Riddling, Casey Piester, Bubba Tyson, Chase Stevens, Sunny Stevens, and Pam Hill. Thank you , Thank you, Thank You.

Huge Shout out to all our special sponsors Aqua East, Bailey Group, Bert Tavary, DDS, Brightway Insurance, Christian Surfers, Girl Next Door, Island Builders, Mojo’s Tacos, Olde Carriage Realty, Pamela Hill, Pit Surf Shop, Salt Life Food Shack, Set In Stone, Sunset Grille, Surf Station,



I also want to say how much we have missed some of our members who are currently chasing contests on the west coast. Good luck to you all and hope you score some good surf.

Practice makes perfect and water time is the best way to improve your surfing. See everyone at the next contest.   “50th Annual Sun and Surf 4th of July Surf Contest”


  1. Zaidyn Evans

Menehune U12

  1. Evan Tyson

  2. Josh Luteran

  3. Alex Altman

  4. Rob Schweizer

Menehune LongBoard

  1. Joel Luteran

  2. Evan Tyson

  3. Logan Coluccio

  4. Skye Blumenfeld

Boys U14

  1. Gavin Coluccio

  2. Joel Luteran

  3. Logan Coluccio

  4. Skylar Riddling

Girls U14

  1. Olivia Beaven

  2. Maddie Franz

  3. Samantha Froemming

Boys U16

  1. Joel Luteran

  2. Kai DeLorenzo

  3. Jonah Luteran

  4. Brayden Bryant

Girls U16

  1. Olivian Beaven

  2. Maddie Franz

Jr. Men U18

  1. Kai DeLorenzo

  2. Elijah Hair

  3. Brayden Bryant

  4. Matt Martin

Jr. Men Longboard

  1. Brayden Bryant

  2. Matt Martin

  3. Elijah Hair

  4. Gary Gomez

Jr. Women Longboard

  1. Olivian Beaven


  1. Casey Piester

Mens Longboard

  1. Bubba Tyson


  1. Donny Hopper

Senior Men

  1. Shawn Arthur, Sr.

  2. Jason Froemming

  3. Todd Darcel

  4. Gary Allred


  1. Denny Dean

  2.  Stephen Kraft

Legends Longboard

  1. Denny Dean

  2. Charlie Quick

  3. Phil Spoerle

Grand Legends

  1. Charlie Quick

  2. Phil Spoerle


  1. Shawn Arthur, Sr.

  2. Casey Piester

  3. Kai DeLorenzo

  4. Gary Allred


Contest #2 Is On! Schedule Posted

See you all at the beach, Mary Street 8:00 a.m.

Here is the schedule for the day.

ESA SAFL | Contest #2 | Schedule


8:15a.m.      Open Shortboard QUARTERS

9:00a.m.      Boys U16 SEMI

9:30a.m.      Boys U14 SEMI

10:00a.m.    Boys U18 SEMI

10:30a.m.    Grand Legends/Legends FINAL

10:50a.m.    Menehune U12 FINAL / Micro Menehune FINAL

11:10a.m.   Girls U16 FINAL 

11:30a.m.   Menehune U12 LB FINAL


12:30p.m.    Senior Men / Men FINAL

12:50p.m.    Open Semi #1

1:05p.m.    Open Semi #2

1:20p.m.    GIRLS U14 FINAL


2:00p.m.      BOYS U16 FINAL

2:20p.m.      BOYS U14 FINAL

2:30p.m.      BOYS U18 FINAL

2:50p.m.      OPEN S.B. FINAL

Volunteers Are Very Appreciated!!




#1 Is Done!

ESA-SAFL wrapped up contest #1 of the 2016/2017 season with some fresh faces, great conditions and some super solid performances. Today is a day both competitors and family will always have in the memory bank. The first contest of the season was greeted with major love produced by Mother Nature in the name of Tropical Depression Bonnie. Producing solid surf throughout the tides. Coupled with the over abundance of sandbars gave competitors a lot of epic opportunities to showcase their abilities. The surfing was on another level with both super aggressive and progressive moves being displayed from the start. Big power turns, vertical fin free, multiple 3-5 maneuver waves, big airs, and of course a few super deep tube sections. It was very inspiring to watch the growth of our surfers, proud moments.

The 2016 season marked the start of our 4 man/woman heats along with some superb judging by our hand picked panel of judges. Thank you to Nikita Pandelos, Chase Stevens, Casey Piester, Bubba Tyson, and to Sunny Stevens who heads up the judging. Special thanks to our Master Grill Team, Brian Burger, Chuck Higgins, and Will Pierce. A big thank you to both Shantel DeLorenzo and Pam Hill for the expert tabulating. Well done, well done. Last but not least, Thank you to the members for registering online. This helps shave an hour or more off the start which helps us all at the end of a long day at the beach.

ESA-SAFL would like to welcome the new members to the district Matt Martin, Alex Altman, Mark Harvey, William Harvey, Skylar Riddling, Matt Jones, Todd Darcel, Stephen Kraft, Maddie Franz, Aspen Tucker, Joel Luteran, Jonah Luteran, Josh Luteran, Nate Cruz, Phillip Cruz, Chip McGraw, Crockett McGraw, Fitch McGraw, Cooper McGraw, Eric Macy, Gavin Coluccio, Logan Coluccio, Kai Bumstead. We look forward to surfing with you in the immediate future. ESA-SAFL is honored to name the following surfers and commend them on their awesome performances throughout the contest. Joel Luteran, Evan Tyson, Carl Burger, Kai DeLorenzo, Shawn Arthur Jr., Quinn Higgins, C.J. Garren, Casey Piester.

Final Results Contest #1 May 28, 2016:


  1. Evan Tysoon

  2. Carl Burger

  3. Josh Luteran

  4. Kai Bumstead

Girls U14

  1. Maddie Franz

  2. Samantha Froemming

  3. Aspen Tucker

  4. Brielle Bennett

Boys u14

  1. Joel Luteran

  2. Evan Tyson

  3. Carl Burger

  4. Gavin Coluccio

Boys U16

  1. Kai DeLorenzo

  2. Joel Luteran

  3. Quinn Higgins

  4. Shawn Arthur, Jr.

Menehune LB

  1. Joel Luteran

  2. Maddie Franz

Jr. Men U18

  1. Kai DeLorenzo

  2. CJ Garren

  3. Elijah Hair

  4. Brayden Bryant

Jr. Men LB

  1. Eric Macy

  2. Matt Martin

Mens LB

  1. Bubba Tyson

Masters LB

  1. Chip McGraw


  1. Charley Hajek

  2. Stephen Kraft

Legends LB

  1. Charlie Quick

Grand Legends

  1. Charlie Quick

  2. Gene Rutherford

Senior Men

  1. Shawn Arthur, Sr.

  2. Todd Darcel

  3. Andy DeLorenzo

  4. Jason Froemming

Open Shortboard

  1. Shawn Arthur, Jr.

  2. Casey Piester

  3. Kai DeLorenzo

  4. Shawn Arthur, Sr.




Pumped for Waves

Is everyone getting pumped for the contest Saturday? We are too! Just trying to obtain permits from the County which isn’t an easy task! Will keep everyone updated. Hope you are receiving our emails.